Ultraprecision Mechanics

Ultra high-precision mechanical components
for industry and research

For all industries

Ultra precision

Turned and milled components – with accuracies down to well below a micrometer – that is what ultra-precision mechanics is all about and what Kugler produces for its customers every day.

Whether individual quills for measuring machines with a length of more than one metre, or large numbers of small coolers for diode stacks, with our hydrostatic and air-bearing machines we can flexibly meet the requirements of the various markets.

Target group:

high precision surface quality


Quills for coordinate
measuring machines

Precision components
for wafer steppers

Housing components for
a distance sensor


Experience / Expertise

Kugler started with interferometers – well proven and highly renowned, high-precision measuring equipment for the optical industry as well as for the semiconductor industry. The devices were not limited to the purely optical and metrological part, but also featured high precision mechanical stages for workpiece movement and positioning – that was certainly a unique selling point 30 years ago.

Today we enable our customers to use mechanical high precision to ensure the functionality of their products, to save costs (e.g. through reduced alignment effort), to build more precise devices – in essence to become better!

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