Material treatment and coatings

Only mirror
clean surfaces!

Own cleaning lines, proprietary soldering processes, ovens for heat treatments from -70 °C to over 850 °C, tidy and clean rooms for assembly and quality control, all these are additional resources that are required to provide the customer with a perfect ultra-precision product. Whether mirror, actuator or high-precision milled and turned part, you benefit from our experience, our trained employees, our systems!

Kugler uses the most modern cleaning equipment for components, which applies not only ultrasound, but also spray/flood cleaning and the effective process of cyclic nucleation. All cleaning processes are fully automated and error-free, including the cleaning of optics. Manual post-cleaning is not necessary, as the system conveys the components directly into the clean room after cleaning.

KUGLER Ultraprecision

Everything from a single source

Coatings – surface protection and reflection enhancement, here we cooperate with long-term partners who have profound knowledge in the field of electroplating and PVD coatings. For our customers this means: ultra-precision parts from Kugler – everything from a single source!


Our resources

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