Ultraprecision Mechatronics

Components with overall mechatronic system

For all industries

Ultra precision

Ultra-precision in motion – precision bearings, ultra-precision drives, actuators, deformable mirrors. We not only manufacture your components, but also assemble them into an overall mechatronic system. Here, too, we are ideally positioned for medium to large quantities.

Whether polygon scanners for measurement technology, actuators for semiconductor technology or adjustable optics – our ultra-precision and clean room assembly capacities are constantly being expanded and “readjusted” to meet customer requirements. Our specialists repeatedly define reliable processes.

Target group:

high precision surface quality


Actuator for
moving the wafer

Spindles for
polygon scanners



Experience / Expertise

More than 35 years of ultra-precision mechanical engineering – Kugler knows how to drive, control and measure axes, Kugler knows which process parameters are important in mechatronic systems. Only jitter-free movement ensures low noise in the application, only a precise positioning of the actuators enables high levels of accuracy later in operation.

Experience paired with extensive optical, mechanical and electronic measuring equipment, the latest tools for the process-reliable implementation of the manufacturing and assembly steps – all of this means that we can support our customers in the best possible and cost-effective way in implementing their requirements in the field of ultra-precision mechatronics.

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