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Precision for a groundbreaking future – for 40 years! Since the beginning, our company has specialized in ultra-precision components and systems. Our mission: Drive progress, conquer challenges. And in doing so, make the world a little bit better.

We embrace an employee-centered approach to excellence and are partners with leading technology companies. Our vision: The first choice for ultra-precision solutions. We shape the future with quality and fairness!



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The fusion of mechanics, electronics and computer science creates systems with microscopic precision. Applications include nanomanufacturing, optics and semiconductor fabrication for precise industrial and scientific tasks.


This involves exceptional accuracy in motion control. Applications range from nanomanufacturing to semiconductor production. Minimal deviations ensure maximum precision for a wide range of industrial requirements.


This technology enables extremely precise control of light. Applications include nanolithography, telescopes, and laser systems. Minimal deviations ensure precise results for scientific and industrial purposes.

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Our advantages are concrete added values such as money and free time, which we have written down in more detail in an overall work, our Golden Model.

To name just a few examples:
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